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Nerve Entrapments & Neuromas

There are various points in the lower extremities that can be affected by entrapment of the nerves. These locations are typically where the nerve becomes closer to the skin and are more susceptible to injury. Nerve entrapments also can be related to a prior surgery with scar tissue and nerves entrapped within scarred tissue.

A neuroma is the swelling of the nerve that is a result of a compression or trauma that may result in permanent nerve damage. The most common site for a neuroma is on the ball of the foot usually due to abnormal movement of the long bones behind the toes called metatarsal bones where a small nerve passes. At the base of the toes, the nerves split forming a “Y” and enters the toes where they can get pinched and swell, forming the neuroma. Burning pain, tingling, and numbness in one or two of the toes are common symptoms.





Entrapments & Neuromas We Treat

Morton’s Neuroma

The most common neuroma, Morton’s Neuroma, is localized to the base of the 3rd and 4th toes.

You will likely have one or more of the following symptoms: numbness; burning between the toes or up the leg; pain at rest; walking on a “bunched up sock” or “marble”; or a cramping sensation. It is often misdiagnosed as peripheral neuropathy.

The best time to be treated is early in the development of symptoms. Early diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma greatly minimizes the possible need for invasive treatments or surgery.

Tarsal Tunnel

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is compression or squeezing of the posterior tibial nerve that produces symptoms anywhere along the path of the nerve running from the inside of the ankle into the foot.

It is important to seek early treatment if any of the symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome occur. If left untreated, the condition progresses and may result in permanent nerve damage. In addition, because the symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome can be confused with other conditions, proper evaluation is essential so that a correct diagnosis can be made and appropriate treatment initiated.

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