Setting the Pace

Custom Ankle-Foot Orthoses

We work directly with Bergmann Orthotics lab and we take 3D scanned imprinting of patient’s feet which is just as accurate as plaster molding without the mess and wait time. We incorporate our biomechanical examinations, patient’s foot type, and lifestyle into each custom orthotic. We then send over the specifications to Dr. Bergmann’s lab in Chicago, IL. He will proceed to custom craft each orthotic over the course of a few weeks and mail back to our office the completed product. We then have patients follow in our office for a try-on. If needed, we can further customize the orthotic with an in-office orthotic grinder.





3D Optical Scanning

Well-made over-the-counter arch supports are sufficient for most foot and ankle conditions. However, just like eyeglasses you buy at a drug store, over-the-counter orthotics are not made specific to you.

Our office collaborates with Bergmann Orthotics to provide 3D optical scanning of your feet to fabricate custom orthotics tailored to you. Bergmann Orthotics has been designing orthotics for professional football and basketball teams for decades.

The Bergmann Optical Scanner is the only neutral position scanner that can take the sides as well as the bottom of the foot in neutral suspension as well as weight bearing. This 3D technology maintains the unique biomechanics, size, shape, and contour of each foot.

This system uses laser optics and computers to capture the image of a “plaster mold” of the foot. The image is manipulated with computer technology to generate a digital milled wax mold. This casting system is rated as the most accurate and versatile casting system available. To read more about Bergmann lab, please visit their website.

We will check in the office to see if custom orthotics are partially or fully covered by insurance. In most instances, insurance will not cover custom orthotics and the price of fabrication is $250.

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